April 19, 2018

There's so much hope in Singapore's music education. This post may seem extremely naive and idealistic and invite some eye-rolling from non-believers or jaded music educators but it shall have to be such, for now. 

STAR Singapore has been doing some great music stuff fo...

February 16, 2018

From zero dependence to addiction. In Dec 2017 I left the US having near zero dependence on a phone. One month later in 2018, my smart-phone has taken over my life, for better or for worse.

The first two years I was in the US, I was tied to a AT&T line, paid USD70...

January 12, 2018

It's amazing how an education system can inculcate learning in such different ways. As a young child being brought up in the Singapore education system, like all my peers, I've learnt how to game the system. Results were crucial, the number of As determined everything....

December 16, 2017

My Journey at ASU; Dedications - Teachers (Part 1)

Teachers are such amazing people, under-rated and under-appreciated but essentially the most crucial beings in the world. Music teachers are always seen as those who "cannot be performers" but are they really? Who are t...

December 1, 2017

I've been wanting to blog for a while, and now that I have graduated with my DMA, am moving back to Singapore for good, leaving the US after being here for 7.5 years, it might be a great time to start. I've had so many thoughts and emotions throughout my time in the US...

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September 2, 2019

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