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Studio Policies and Rates

How old can my child start violin lessons?

Children may be able to start learning the violin from four years old. This is dependent on their psychomotor skills as well as musical development. Contact me to set up a lesson where I can meet you and your child and make the best recommendations for you and your child.


I believe strongly that a child’s music education should definitely start as early as possible but this does not necessarily require an instrument. Early music training can be done through various methods such as listening at home, music and movement activities as well as singing and rhythmic activities. If a child has insufficient psychomotor skills to start tackling the violin, I will also be able to recommend finger strengthening, calisthenics as well as dexterity exercises beneficial for a child which parents will be able to work with their children at home prior to learning the violin.


Will I be able to schedule a trial lesson?

For all new students, I will meet with parents and students for a trial lesson to discuss teaching approach and pedagogy, studio policies, short- and long-term plans as well as assess compatibility of student/teacher/parent.


What are your rates?

Please contact me for specific information about rates.


Are there studio policies?

Yes, Tee’s Violin Studio has well-structured studio policies including scheduling/re-scheduling lessons, payments, practice routines which will be discussed at the first lesson. These policies are in place to help create a positive musical environment as well as eliminate any administrative difficulty in the long-term.


I would like to take ad-hoc lessons, will that be possible?

I accept students who would like to take ad-hoc lessons on a case-to-case basis. Please contact me to discuss this arrangement.


Where do you teach?

I currently teach at a private violin studio in Serangoon as well as at The Music Circle Singapore. Please contact me to schedule lessons or for more information about my teaching schedule.


Why are there required group classes?

Group classes are the perfect opportunity for students to perform as well as listen to peers perform, learn ensemble skills, theory, history, improvisation as well as strengthen other skills learnt in individual lessons. Some of these skills are learnt most effectively in groups. Of course, the social aspect of these classes for a child and their family is also crucial.


Are there studio performances?

Yes, there will definitely be studio performances and these will be discussed at lessons.


Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Approach

What is your Teaching Philosophy and what violin method do you use in your teaching?

My teaching pedagogy has been highly influenced by my teaching experiences, pedagogical and violin training as well as in-depth exploration of other pedagogy and music education methods. More information at "My Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Approach" or you may contact me for more information. 

Do you use the Suzuki method to teach?

I have been Suzuki teacher-trained by Mr William Starr and through years of exploration of the method have definitely learnt the benefits of the Suzuki method. However, this is not my sole method of teaching.  More information at "My Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Approach" or you may contact me for more information. 

Other Resources

I would like to send my child to music camps and festivals, where can I obtain more information?

There are more information and resources under "Useful Links".

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