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While being an avid violin pedagogue, Tee also enjoys collaborating with collegues in captivating musical projects that elevates her musical journey. Explore some of her current/recent projects. If you are interested in more details, contact her for her CV/resume.    

Tang Tee Tong (violin) and Wong Yun Qi (piano). The violin-piano duo reunites two petite but fiercely passionate musicians with Singaporean audiences after their journeys in USA and Germany.


The vivacious and dynamic duo made their successful debut concert in Jan 2015 (Singapore). The duo aspires to re-set, re-shape and reintroduce music, bringing a refreshing face of classical music to audiences.  The exuberant pair is always up for a challenge, constantly pushing artistic boundaries and working outside their comfort zones while maintaining remarkable qualities. The duo aims to create a platform where people can retreat from their fast paced lives and indulge in the intangible and yet important aspects of life – our emotions and memories, the ignition of imaginations and the inspiration of creativity. 

In summer 2015, they have also been selected to attend InterHarmony International Music Festival in Arcidosso, Italy and in 2017 the duo performed a series of recitals in Arizona, USA at the Tempe Centre of the Arts Performance with a View series, Friendship Village Tempe as well as Katzin Concert Hall, ASU. As avid believers of spreading the word of music as well as the healing power of music, the duo also collaborates with Dover Park Hospice (Singapore) to bring music to their patients.

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