December 28, 2019

Countdown 10 days to 2020 Part 3! 🥂🌅Looking back at the year... or life!

EP 7 - Musician Friends📷 Barely surviving orchestra projects nowadays to remember to take photos, so this photo shall be representative of all the time I've spent with musician friends this year, over rehearsal, long dinner breaks!!! and performances..

Musician friends, the ones who keep me sane during projects! The ones who make attending rehearsal...

December 27, 2019

Countdown 10 days to 2020 Part 2! 🥂🌅Looking back at the year... or life!

EP 4 - Chamber Music

Chamber Music - Always been a special part of my life from T.H.E. Quartet to Artsylum to various other chamber music projects I've been involved in till today! There's always time to make GOOD chamber music, if it's rehearsing and performing with musicians who care about doing it well. The intimacy of the music, the chemistry and bal...

December 25, 2019

Countdown 10 days to 2020! 🥂🌅Looking back at the year... or life!

EP 1 - TMC! 📷Our first meeting after I moved back to Singapore in Jan 2018!

Aren't there enough music schools in Singapore? In fact, aren't there too many music schools in Singapore as it is?

We built TMC to create a music-loving community, one that enjoys making music together, one that enjoys the arts together, and one that just enjoys being together. 

We bui...

April 16, 2019

Artistry: Mozart - Million Moods. 

All my favourites put into one! Chamber music. Music Education. Mozart. TMC Team. TMC Home. Most importantly, music-making with Christoven and Leslie and sharing this valuable musical experience with audiences. 

Mozart Divertimento for String Trio. The entire experience developed from our desire to perform and share this gem with young audiences and families. Our ideas kept blossoming...

April 5, 2019

Never imagined that I will be saying that I don’t miss school at all, considering I was in school for most of my life until end 2018! I never quite thought about this until people ask, and being back on campus in March really made me heave a sigh of relief that school was a past chapter. The fear of being out of school did make me contemplate dragging out of my final degree and thesis, plus the face that I always felt my paper...

December 29, 2018

2018 has been wild! A year full of contradictions, but perhaps life is full of that anyway... Time zoomed past, but looking back the year seemed extremely long! So much has happened.

2018 is the year I adapt back to Singapore, the city I grew up in. So much has changed, so much has remained. Reconnecting with many friends, colleagues, family and extended family has been a significant part of the year. And since I'm physically b...

December 21, 2018

When I finally married the Bon Musica shoulder rest with my SAS chinrest, I thought I achieved the perfect set-up, for myself at least! Before which, I've been through a few other shoulder-rests - Wolf, different kinds of Kun as well as tried a bunch of others from colleagues and shops. At that point, it was trying shoulder-rest after another and I never quite seriously explored the non-shoulder rest option.

I've been play...

October 26, 2018

I'm reminded again this week how much I love travelling solo! I've been travelling solo for quite a while, so much so that travelling = solo. I don't feel anything awkward or bizarre about it until strangers, friends or family ask questions or comment about it, which then brings my awareness that travelling solo is actually not the norm. 

The years of being independent saw me being entirely comfortable doing anything and everyt...

September 7, 2018

At present,

Practice is a luxury

Practice is a need for the soul

Practice is the dream to phrase musically

Practice is the annoyance with dead strings or rattling that interrupt

As a young child,

Practice is mindless.

Practice is a chore.

Practice is an obligation. 

Practice, or face the consequences.

Practice is a must.

As a teenager,

Practice is the means to an end. 

Practice leads to finishing exams.

Practice is the bargaining chip to th...

June 29, 2018

6 months. It’s been a whirlwind.

Little absolutely random snippets of life, thoughts and photos.

Excitement. Joy. Anticipation. Relaxation. Awe. Fear. Breathlessness. Awkwardness. Happiness. Tiredness. Amazement. All sorts of feelings.

Sweat. Hard work. Insane schedules. Working like there’s no tomorrow. Sleepless nights. All choices made for the sake of ending up doing what I love.

Building communities. Collaborations. Mini Festi...

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