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10 Episodes of 2019... (Part 2)

Countdown 10 days to 2020 Part 2! 🥂🌅Looking back at the year... or life!

EP 4 - Chamber Music

Chamber Music - Always been a special part of my life from T.H.E. Quartet to Artsylum to various other chamber music projects I've been involved in till today! There's always time to make GOOD chamber music, if it's rehearsing and performing with musicians who care about doing it well. The intimacy of the music, the chemistry and balance of group dynamics, the enjoyment of making music together is so precious. Each experience is so unique and I would say even sacred. A bad chamber music experience, can really kill a musician's soul............

Glad to have had the time for some great chamber music projects this year, performing with some dream teams! ❤️Looking forward to the exciting new chamber projects next year....and some 92steel&guts action coming right up too! 🎼🎻

EP 5 - FRIENDS! Some representatives featured here! =)

The people who remind me not to sweat the little things. The people who help me live a more balanced life. The people who listen to me whine. The people who support me in whatever I do, even though sometimes they really don't have a clue what it is I'm working like crazy for! The people I know who will have my back.

As everyone start their families and are busy with their careers, we start to see each other less, making all the time we spend together from stolen lunch breaks to public holiday get-togethers much more precious.

EP 6 - Students and their families are the people who constantly inspire to me to be a better teacher and person. When I first moved back to Singapore and left a bunch of extremely valuable and supportive families in the US, I never knew how long it might take to build these relationships in Singapore. I'm thankful that many of my current studio families trust me to teach their children, and share the same belief I have that guiding the child to grow up as a strong, humble and resilient human being is more important than being a violin virtuoso.

The little gestures of feeding us because they know we've had a long day and haven't had time for food, or thinking of us on their holidays and during holiday seasons among other little acts of thoughtfulness mean alot to us. The expression of trust and thankfulness they have for what we do, is definitely what keeps the teaching spark alive! =) 🎻

Final 4 episodes coming up soon....


Tee '19

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