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Choices... and Dedications...

I've been wanting to blog for a while, and now that I have graduated with my DMA, am moving back to Singapore for good, leaving the US after being here for 7.5 years, it might be a great time to start. I've had so many thoughts and emotions throughout my time in the US, made choices that have changed my life and now seems like the perfect time to reflect upon my life and pen it down. Going forward I would also love to write about my teaching, lifestyle, thoughts and things I am curious about exploring.

Many of the questions I've been asked over the years and have been thinking about - Why did you leave engineering for music? Was it worth it? Why did you even study engineering... so it was a waste of time? Why are you still in school? Why are you not staying in the US? Why are you moving back to Singapore? Why are you doing your DMA, are you going to be a professor? Why are you even doing your DMA when you want to teach? Why work so hard? Why don't you even have a phone plan? Wait, what, you don't have heating, or AC? Why this? Why that? Why why WHY why?

I have a love-hate relationship with these questions, but thinking about them has definitely made me more aware and brings clarity to the choices I've made, deliberately or not. I've made some silly choices in my life, but I've also made some incredibly life-changing ones I'm thankful for. And sometimes these were choices made after thinking for weeks and months, sometimes a matter of hours. Choice is such a curious thing, once you make a choice you can never see what the alternative would have been like. Sometimes life comes a full circle, you make a choice now and you get to try the alternative a few years down the road as well! Is there ever a right or wrong choice, or does attitude change everything?

I'm going to be taking some time to reflect on some of the choices I've made and make a couple of dedications to the most important people of my life, before embarking on a new journey! =)


Tee Dec '17

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