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Home Sweet Home...

Still trying to find a rhythm to my new life back home in Singapore, but discovering new things and rediscovering the old has been pretty fun! Spent the first week deep cleaning my entire room, assembling new furniture, throwing out tonnes of useless stuff I've hoarded over the years, and stashing away cards and letters I've kept from childhood! =) TMC work has also started full steam - meeting with partners, planning our meetings with parents, and actually starting to teach my first TMC String Academy student. Of course other than that it's my favourite time - meeting friends, colleagues and family! I've only remembered to take photos once out of every 3-4 meetings though, but each meeting has definitely been special. Many babies were involved in these meetings as well, fascinating to gather with friends and their kids, but those are usually the times when photos are missing. =)

Friends and teacher from all my different phases of life!

The nice thing about moving back for good vs visiting for a short period is I now know I don't have to squeeze ALL my meetings into 2 weeks or stuff my face like crazy during every meal. And I won't lie, having hot home-cooked goodness before and after work is pretty neat! =)

There's so much to get used to though. I've heard more cars honking a single day in Singapore than I probably have in an entire year in the US. I've started to channel my inner zen to block out noise, that is overwhelming everywhere in this bustling city, to protect my sanity.

Claustrophobic me try to take the steps instead of the escalators at MRT stations, and hey that's some work-out there but I actually get my own walking pathway! Of course, I'm already counting my blessings, I'm luckier than the folks who have to commute during peak hours, which I've avoided like a plague since experiencing it a couple of times last week. Definitely one of the benefits of not needing to work 9-5. But can I just say this, I love the MRT! Ok, I know it's not fun when the trains break down, but when the system is working and not over-crowded... the MRT is incredibly convenient, brings me to places I've never been able to get to so quickly.

Taking the MRT during off-peak hours when it's not sardine-packed! =)

As I transition back to life in Singapore, I've been learning about myself, and a few things I've learn this week -

1. I hoard BOOKS and SCORES! A LOT of them.......... On a brighter note, I now have a lot of reading material for my MRT trips, or practice material?!

2. I'm entirely dependent on AMAZON and I miss having that convenience.

3. I'm always multi-tasking when I'm eating and this does not work well in Singapore at all. Most of the time ants get to my half-eaten food much faster than I do. =(

4. I love stationary!! I've accumulated so much stationary over the years, but who doesn't need an extra pen.. and maybe even note-book from MUJI?!

Pens galore in MUJI!

5. After moving multiple times in the past 10 years, it has definitely become easier to move. Starting afresh in Singapore was and still is scary but friends and family have definitely made the move relatively smooth, and perhaps I'm more adaptable now?

Looking forward to more happenings in 2018, and for now, I will indulge in CNY dong-dong-chiang songs, heard in all supermarkets around the city. I've also started to take in violin students, YAY!! More to come hopefully, thanks for everyone who have sent students my way, I can't tell you how grateful I am for all these referrals! =)


Tee '18

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