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SIX Months

6 months. It’s been a whirlwind.

Little absolutely random snippets of life, thoughts and photos.

Excitement. Joy. Anticipation. Relaxation. Awe. Fear. Breathlessness. Awkwardness. Happiness. Tiredness. Amazement. All sorts of feelings.

Sweat. Hard work. Insane schedules. Working like there’s no tomorrow. Sleepless nights. All choices made for the sake of ending up doing what I love.

Building communities. Collaborations. Mini Festival of an Opening Season @ TMC. Performances with chamber groups and orchestras. Planning sessions. Renovations and launching of TMC@Farrer Road. Teaching. Leadership camps. Chilling. Meetings. Sharing sessions. Meet-ups. All precious time spent on projects at different stages of their journeys, with friends and colleagues who care about what we do. Journeys worth running for.

Built a considerable sized teaching studio, the balance is what I've always hoped for in a studio - from beginners to advanced students, from 6 year olds to adults of 40s, all quite pretty evenly spread out too! The word of mouth is powerful, and I'm blessed for the support of friends and colleagues. Still looking for more students, so send them my way!

Stress eating is real. Stress eating in Singapore is dangerous, what with the convenience of food EVERY corner of this island. And with 24-hour McDs and the likes! Supper.... snacks... desserts first, suffering from sleeplessness later! Lack of discpline with food has wrecked havoc in my sleep schedule and it’s hardly backing down.

MRT is AMAZING! I’ve kept to my vow of using only public transport since I’ve moved back, only used Grab twice out of sheer desperation. Not a fan of buses, congestion and peak hour traffic for sure though!

I’m still learning to balance my life. Struggling to find a routine amidst the chaotic schedules. Even if it’s just a sleep/wake, work-out or practice routine. Practice routine though, who am I kidding? Food vs sleep? Ah, all the temptations and instant gratifications messing with my life, but that's where the fun and challenges are isn't it? =)

The world is small. Singapore is heck a lot smaller!

Old friends. New friends. Old colleagues. New colleagues. Each conversation is a precious gem that gives me perspective, helps me become a better person, teacher, colleague and friend. Still a long-list I've yet to catch, pardon the tardy replies. I'm finally here to stay and even while the clock is still ticking, there's still time, hopefully!

I'm truly thankful for all that I've received in the first half of this year. Thankful for all the people - family, friends and colleagues. Communities. Camaraderie. Opportunities. Support. It was an amazing six months, there's still a lot that needs to be done, and the journey continues...


Tee '18

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