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The Wonders of Travelling Solo!

I'm reminded again this week how much I love travelling solo! I've been travelling solo for quite a while, so much so that travelling = solo. I don't feel anything awkward or bizarre about it until strangers, friends or family ask questions or comment about it, which then brings my awareness that travelling solo is actually not the norm.

The years of being independent saw me being entirely comfortable doing anything and everything alone - visit a cafe, eat at an expensive restaurant, or fast food place, watch a movie, even staying overnight at airports amongst any other daily or extreme activities you can think of.

I enjoy the freedom, and I learn and get reminded so much about myself each solo trip I take. I'm reminded how important it is to be kind to ourselves, both physically and mentally. I'm reminded to be content with what we have, appreciate the little things and celebrate tiny victories. I'm reminded that relationships with people are 2-way, love the people you care about and who also care, but those who don't, we are better off without. Life's too short for that.

Sure, there are probably many pros of travelling with company but travelling solo comes with many perks!

If I wanted to walk 17km or 25k steps a day to visit places I could.

If after walking 5km to visit a place, I decide it's not worth my time anymore, I can simply detour and move ahead of backwards to some other activitiy.

If I'm heading to a destination, and see other interesting places mid-way, I can stop and explore, even if that meant not eventually reaching the destination.

If I planned to sleep in but decided at 7am I wanted to wake up and head out instead, I could.

My everyday life is like clockwork, for the sake of efficiency, productivity and most important to combat my ADHDness, I literally have a plan for what I'm supposed to do every hour. Nothing gets done otherwise, my mind a jumble, life overwhelms me. I love and need my schedule to be planned out way ahead of time so I can cope. I harrass my colleagues, students and their parents for schedules months ahead of time because if not, life will be a disaster, literally. I'm constantly needing to know the time because it determines what I'm supposed to be doing.

Travelling solo allows me to be the complete opposite. Not constantly looking at my schedule and the time. Not trying to get to a place on time, or early. Not constantly thinking of what I have to do next. I can visit a bookstore and spend hours lost in books, or I can feel for the books for 10 minutes and decide I rather scoot off and eat some sinful street food. Maybe it's just me, but there's so much spontaneity with travelling solo, I go with what I feel in that moment. It's kind of like ditching lesson plans once you step into a class or level because you see that your kids are more interested in something else that day, except with travelling solo it's a me thing.

If you have never tried travelling solo, you should try it, you will learn so much about yourself! Ok, if you have never eaten in a restaurant or watched a movie alone, maybe try that first before jumping into the deep end.


Tee '18

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